Our best year so far…

kantoor 2020
2020 will be the year for many to quickly forget. The corona virus which surcharge with us in March is unprecedented. Various lockdowns, PostNL having a hard time and countries that are difficult to reach made it a huge challenge. Fortunately, we have succeeded and we can call 2020 our most successful year ever.For example, last April we have introduced our new NFC Plectrums. This could be read on various sites worldwide and we are very proud of it. Launching an entirely new product has taken quite some effort, but the NFC Plectrums are already selling very well.In August we moved our office from Made to Terheijden. We have set up a completely new office there and this new location is an absolute asset to EigenPlectrum. We have created a beautiful meeting room and a production area.Last quarter was incredibly hectic for us, shipping more than 3,200 packages. We would have liked to put a nice present in the form of a pick card with every order. We had counted on 2500 orders. Unfortunately, the passes had already been used up three weeks before Christmas. We did not see that coming! We will continue to expand our business in 2021 with additional help for creating our packages.We made it with the packages and we are going to enjoy our rest. May 2021 be a musical but above all healthy year with lots of gigs and festivals.On behalf of EigenPlectrum, very nice days and we will see each other again in 2021 !!
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