New NFC technology in guitar picks

NFC Guitar Picks - One Side

A worldwide first for DutchPicks that has made it possible to integrate an NFC chip into a guitar plectrum. Together with a number of international bands, they will be selling these special guitar picks at concerts and on their website.

Guitarists are breaking new ground with the advent of interactive NFC guitar picks. After more than four years of development, DutchPicks has succeeded in integrating an NFC chip into a guitar pick. “This brings with it new possibilities that have hitherto been impossible,” said Michael Kenis, owner of DutchPicks.

It is possible to scan the picks with your mobile phone, giving users access to exclusive access by a band or artist. Think of video clips, backstage images, directly listening to the latest album and much more. Even after purchase it is possible to change the content of the picks. In the near future it will also be possible to use the guitar picks as an admission ticket.

DutchPicks thinks that bands and / or artists will create more exclusive content for their fans. Full-color printing is possible on the picks, giving bands / artists their very own look and feel. DutchPicks has already printed guitar picks for Coldplay, AC / DC, KISS and Adele, among others.

DutchPicks is currently talking to various other international bands to ensure this before their release, such as Foo Fighters, AC / DC and Coldplay.

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